Wednesday, May 2, 2007


The Christian Brethren movement have had a valid objection to 'clergy running the church and denying others a ministry'. Baptists are still plagued by clericalism, whereby pastors accrue power rather than disseminating it. The task of church leaders is to train and empower others for ministry, not do it for them!


Critias said...

So Rowland, I guess you'll be avoiding the term 'leader' and the notion of 'leadership' and seeking the Spirit's leadership while we all join in MINISTRY.

Philip Brookes said...

critias, I guess it would depend firstly on what you understand 'leadership' to be. If I suggested that true leadership (a la Jesus Christ from the New Testament) is very much a servant proposition, would that affect your comment?

Rowland referred to leaders/pastors trying to accrue power - this is a separate issue to that of being a leader. A leader does not have to monopolise power to be effective.

Or to express it in another way, leadership can be open and receptive, rather than autocratic.

I personally don't see the use of the term 'leader' and the notion of 'leadership' being unavoidably linked with pastors trying to accrue power.